Ritron RQT-452 UHF 450-470 MHz Quick Talk Transmitter

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New Model of RQT-455

RQT-452 UHF 450-470 MHz, 4 Inputs, 4Ch, 2 Watt TX Output

Quick Talk Voice Alerting Transmitters

Ritron RQT-452 UHF 450-470 MHz Quick Talk Transmitter

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  • Ritron RQT-452 UHF 450-470 MHz Quick Talk Transmitter


RQT-452 UHF 450-470 MHz, 4 Inputs, 4Ch, 2 Watt TX Output

-Wireless alerting empowers your staff to respond quickly to emergencies.
-PC programmable with Ritron programming software. Built-in microphone for recording voice messages.
-Connect a switch or sensor (up to 4 inputs). Each input can be programmed to tansmit on a different frequency and tone code.
-Custom recordable voice message for each switch.
-Recorded voice message is automatically sent to 2-way radio equipped  personnel when a switch changes state.
-Narrowband compliant.
-Powered by 6AA Akaline batteries or external power.
-Made in the USA. 
-Includes flex antenna and RPS-EXPO 110VAC external power supply

New Model of RQT-150


Coded Signaling Encode:   CTCSS, Quiet Call, 51 Tones 
DCS, Digital Quiet Call, all codes 
3-7 tone Selcall 
Typical Range: One half mile to a handheld radio transceiver using the standard flexible antenna. Greater range is possible if optional antenna (RAM-1545), or a radio repeater is used. 
Battery Life: 1 year when using AA Alkaline batteries and the unit transmits a 5 second message once each hour, 24 hours per day, 5 days per week or approximately 7,000 transmissions.
Internal Battery: 6 AA Alkaline batteries.
External Power: 12-18 VDC, Use Ritron p/n# RPS-EXPO
Antenna Connector:
BNC, 50 Ohms, front panel mounted
Antenna: Ritron AFB-1545 Standard Antenna, Flexible Whip, 14 inches long with elbow connector.
Housing: Polycarbonate
Dimensions: 7.57” x 5.07” x 2.65”(19.23cm x 12.88cm x 6.73cm)
Weight: 1 pound, without batteries and antenna
Number of Switch Inputs:
4 Momentary, Latching, Analog Voltage or Resistance
Voice Message: 24 seconds total for all voice messages, equally allocated to the programmed inputs
Auxiliary Messages:
Low Battery (2 seconds)
(Fixed Time) External Power Failure (2 seconds) Location (2 seconds) One location message per RQT. Precedes voice message for each input.
Programming Method:
User Programmable with Ritron RQA/RQT PC Programmer via USB
Programmable Features:

- 4 independently programmed inputs
- Analog or digital input operation
- Event driven and/or scheduled transmission of input status
- Compressed transmitted audio (compatible with companded radios)
- Preamble alert tone prior to transmitter voice message  (selectable On/Off)
- Unique, user recorded voice messages
- Voice message recording via on-board microphone or pre-recorded .wav file
- External power failure and low battery alert

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